CouchDB and PouchDB library for Go

Kivik provides a common Go and GopherJS client library for CouchDB, PouchDB, and similar databases.

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package main

import "context"
import ""
import _ "" // The CouchDB driver

func main() {
    dsn := "http://localhost:5984"
    client, err := kivik.New(context.TODO(), "couch", dsn)
    if err != nil {
    // ...

What is Kivik?

Kivik is a common interface to CouchDB and CouchDB-like databases for Go and GopherJS.

Kivik's driver architecture is modeled after the Go standard library's sql and sql/driver packages. This allows for the addition of arbitrary backend drivers, while maintaining API compatibility.

A primary goal of Kivik is to provide a common interface to both CouchDB in Go, and PouchDB in GopherJS.

Install Kivik and the CouchDB driver to get started:

    go get -u
    go get -u

Then follow the Usage Examples, or read the GoDoc, or visit the project page on GitHub.

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Kivik is primarily developed by Jonathan Hall, but many others have contributed.

We have recently created the #kivik channel on Gophers Slack (invites here). Come join the discussion!

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Kivik is tested against all versions of Go from 1.7.


Kivik's couchdb driver works with all stable releases of CouchDB from 1.6.1.


Kivik works with the latest release of GopherJS.


Kivik's pouchdb driver works with all stable versions of PouchDB from 6.0.0, when built using GopherJS.