(Probably) final 2.0.0 pre-release, and v3 announcement

Final preparations for v2.0.0 (and v3!)

Dec 16, 2019 • Jonathan Hall

Today I tagged what I expect to be the final pre-release of all core Kivik packages:

I expect to tag the final v2.0.0 version within a couple of weeks, unless bug reports come in.

Here I would also like to announce that at roughly the same time, I intend to release v3.0.0. v3.0.0 will be identical to v2.0.0, except that it will support Go modules. I could make that change along with the v2.0.0 release, but this could stand to break anyone using a v2.0.0 pre-release, and although that wouldn’t strictly violate the compatibility guarantee, since these are, after all, pre-releases, I believe it will be the smoothest upgrade path. And version numbers are free, after all!