Kivik v3.1.0 released with partitioned queries

May 2, 2020 • Jonathan Hall

Today, Kivik 3.1.0 is finally tagged and released. This release adds two major features, and punts on a third:

  1. Partitioned queries, as introduced with CouchDB 3.0 are now possible.

    This did require a small breaking change, as Find(), Explain(), CreateIndex(), GetIndexes(), and DeleteIndex() now take optional (variadic) options. For normal usage, no change is necessary, but if you’ve defined an interface with these methods, or otherwise depend on the exact function signature, your code may need to be updated to use this new version.

  2. Kivik and the CouchDB driver now support sending multiple queries to a view with a single request. Although this feature has existed in some form or another for ages (since at least version 1.7–the oldest I tested), I had never added support to Kivik.

And finally, I have decided to punt on one additional major feature added to CouchDB 3.0: full text search. The reason this isn’t covered in this release is simply that I don’t have a convenient way to test it. The official distribution cannot be deployed in a simple Docker container, so setting up a local test environment would be non-trivial, and automated testing would be very difficult.

Having said that, I would welcome a pull request, if you have the means to add and test this functionality.

The packages affected by this update:

The pouchdb driver is unaffected by these changes, and remains at v3.0.x for now.